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Spotify’s forte is music and just music. And that’s a problem.

In the early days of Amazon’s life, they stressed they were a “technology” company, not a “e-commerce” company. However, the reality was a bit different. Amazon at the time was just that: an online store. Today, Amazon is known for much more than that. Amazon is many things, where the storefront is the mascot and the technological marvel is the skeleton.

But Spotify is not that. They were one of the first music streaming services, alongside Rdio, Pandora, and so on. In many ways, Spotify’s story is similar to Amazon’s. Initially, Spotify was just a music streaming service. These days…

Why Spotify works better on Apple devices than Apple’s own music service

Spotify makes bold claims as the one streaming service that is available on pretty much anything. Computers, tablets, phones, consoles, streaming sticks, smart speakers, and even smart TVs. Spotify is not just available on most modern devices, but they are linked together through a feature called Spotify Connect.

Spotify Connect has two functions. The most surface-level function is to provide easy switching of playback/output audio between two Spotify devices. In consequence, it also means you can control the current output device using any other Spotify device.

The secondary function? To monitor and keep Spotify accounts locked to one user and…

This abandoned app fixes a bug that has persisted in macOS for 3+ years

If you use a Mac, you probably have used something called “media keys”. They are the standard Play/Pause, Forward, and Previous buttons you see on most Mac-configured keyboards. The buttons are extremely convenient, as is most of the functions on those rows. They’re so useful that their actual function, “function keys”, are the secondary function.

But as anyone knows in user design, a thing that is designed for one thing that doesn’t do its job perfectly the majority of the time is not good design. Imagine pressing a Spacebar and it didn’t give you a space? Or only gave you…

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

It is not hard to say that quarantine has brought a lot of downtime in our lives. I have listened to more artists, genres, and albums this year than I’ve ever imagined. My theory is that we’re not bound so much by summer festival vibes and music needed to just be there rather than intrinsicly looked at.

Recently, I’ve tried to embark on the “One Album A Day” challenge. It’s not a new idea — there’s a website designed to generate one for you. But the last time I tried it (still this year), I failed and just reverted back…

The Justification

Buying the iPad Pro was probably one of the most foolish decisions I’ve made last year. You know why I bought it? FOMO, or fear of missing out. I entered my abstract algebra class and I saw this guy use it. Something about it… captivated me. I was always a live-until-I-die notebook user, carrying one notebook for each of my classes, along with my trusty 2013 MacBook Pro (because every student needs a laptop, no exceptions.)

So many reasons to justify it came into my head:

When I got my first Mac back in late October of 2013 — seven years ago, one of my Christmas gifts was a Toshiba hard drive. It was on sale and it was 2 TB. It must have been under 100 Canadian dollars because at the time, I thought 2 TB was plenty, especially as that Mac only had 256 GB of storage.

But when you get a laptop and a phone, your digital needs start to evolve. Now, I have multiple hard drives, 2 for backups and 3 for backups for that backup.

When I was growing up, digital…

Zed Rach

That neighbour bringing I.T. guys out of business on a regular basis. You can find me taking photos in weird angles and lurking the PopHeads subreddit.

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